The best audible audiobook apps of 2022

There is little magic about audiobooks. This digital format allows you to travel anywhere in the globe, just pressing play on a title and closing your eyes. And as long as you have a smartphone, headphones, and one of the many simple-to-use apps, you can listen to audiobooks wherever you go. The top 10 audiobook apps for 2022 are listed below. Learn more about them and pick one that appeals to you:


With more than 470,000 titles, Audible is the greatest app for listening to audiobooks. When downloading or listening to an audiobook in background mode, the player includes robust playback features. It includes chapter navigation, bookmarks, and variable playback speed to facilitate multitasking.

Google Play Books

You can go from one device to another and pick up where you left off when you buy an audiobook on Google Play Books. You can jump chapters, advance or browse along the timeline, and set the playback speed and snooze timer using the audiobook controls.


This app is for you if you are seeking all different types of books, including magazines, news, and documents. The programme offers unrestricted access to the largest document library in the world, which includes official government publications, quick scientific studies, etc.

LibriVox Audio Books Free

The simplest and quickest option to locate the book you wish to read for leisure or for an exam is through LibriVox Audio Books. More than 24,000 audiobooks, including newly released, well-known, and bestselling titles, are available with unrestricted access.

Kobo Books

The apps come with everything you need, such as a scrubber bar with time skip buttons that let you advance or rewind your reading history by minutes. On this audiobook player, you can also set the snooze timer and playback speed.


Spotify is a platform that lets users stream music along with a wide variety of audiobooks. Biographies, popular fiction and non-fiction, children’s stories, science fiction, and fantasy are all included in its book collection. 


Indeed, the Audiobooks app has a vast library of 175,000+ paid audiobooks. Bestseller fiction and non-fiction, business and economics, classic literature, award-winning drama and comedy, mystery, thriller, and horror.

Hoopla Digital

You can borrow audiobooks, movies, eBooks, music, and other items from Hoopla. You can explore and select from a sizable collection of hundreds of thousands of titles. You can download it and listen to it offline whenever you want, or you can stream digital content.

Nook Audiobooks

The Nook Audiobooks app from Noble has more than 50,000 audiobooks in various genres. Nook has an online store where you may buy individual books and then download and listen to them via the app, as opposed to using a subscription approach.

Voice Audiobook Player

Voice Audiobook Player is a free app with a simple Material design-based interface that offers useful playback functions. Variable playback speed and a sleep timer are available as playback choices, and library management is similar to a folder-based affair.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, due to the hectic lifestyle, most people hardly have time to read books. It’s here top 10 audiobook apps come into the picture. The audiobook is a fantastic way to read books without even reading them. A reader/audiobook listener lives a thousand lives before he dies and one who never reads lives only one.

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