Woodworm Infestation – What To Look Out For?

A woodworm is something that can destroy any furniture within a few minutes to days. When there is a constant carving sound from any piece of furniture or the dropping of some wood powder somewhere right below any wooden thing in your place, you should understand that your furniture is infested with woodworm.

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A woodworm infestation is noticed when the worm evolves into a beetle and breaks free from its surroundings. The sign is noticed in the form of a hole in the furniture here and there. Here are some signs that you should watch out for while looking for woodworm infestations.

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  • Holes and Damages

After a certain time, you might notice some damage here and there in the furniture, and also some wounds and holes. These are created by the woodworms and should not be neglected as soon as noticed.

  • Frass or Bore Dust Here and There

This is known as the remaining wooden piece that was once a plank or some sheet. The dust will be formed when the worms damage the strength of the wood. These look like fine shavings and can be an indication that your furniture is infested.

  • Tunnels in the Planks

You might notice holes all over the wood and these holes lead to one another in the form of tunnels. The worms will create these tunnels as they go on carving the wood from inside.

  • Damage in the Wood

The formation of tunnels inside the wood can lead to damage to the wood from the inside. This can gradually lead to damage or softening of the timber.

Sometimes, you might notice the dead beetles here and there nearby the holes that are created in the timber, or even the appearance of live beetles. When you do so, remember to call the pest control service from your locality as early as possible.

Types of Woodworms

Here are some types of wood worms that you should look out for.

  • Furniture Beetle

They are commonly seen beetles in the UK with a life span of not more than 6 weeks.

  • Wood-Boring Weevils

They are both black and brown coloured and attack the wood that is damp or vulnerable.

  • Powder Post Beetle

These are the worms that attack the hardwood.

  • Death Watch Beetle

These are the species that are very hard to handle, without proper preparation. They love manifesting in the rotting and damp timber.

  • House Longhorn Beetles

As the name says, these are the beetles that should not be treated without the guidance of an expert control service.

The best way of handling all these beetles is with the help of expert pest control services in your locality.

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