Zerodha Discount Brokers Review For Traders

Among the Discount Brokers of India, Zerodha is a famous name in the industry. It provides the best and competitive offers to its clients. But, there are some important points to consider before registering with this brokerage house. One of the major points to consider is the customer service. Zerodha does not provide round the clock support. However, its customer support executives are available online through various channels. Zerodha also provides the opportunity to raise tickets online. However, unregistered traders cannot take advantage of this facility. Also, a live chat feature is not available for unregistered traders. However, Zerodha has a technical support department for active clients.

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Best Trading Platform Here

The platform is easy to use. Users can add up to forty scrips and a maximum of five market watch lists. It is also equipped with high quality research tools. The Zerodha platform provides users with a variety of tools and calculators to determine the break-even points. It also offers various combinations of derivatives. This leverage facility provides a leverage of up to 5x for intraday trading. The platform also offers stop loss and cover orders.

Zerodha is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange, the National Stock Exchange, Multi Commodity Exchange, and the Stock Exchange of India at zerodha review. Zerodha is a zero-debt financial services company. It has a team of technocrats and a digitally sound team. It does not charge any brokerage charges for trading in stocks or commodities.

Best Trading Apps For Trading

Choosing the best trading apps is important for online traders. If you are just starting out, you need an app that is easy to use. It also needs to be reliable and secure. There are hundreds of trading apps out there. The best ones have all of the features you need. You also want one that is legal. You can use mobile trading apps to access the different markets on your phone. These apps may offer stocks, options, forex, or even cryptocurrencies. You can also check out the latest market news. These apps are also easy to use. You can also choose from multiple trading apps, so you can compare different brokers and maximize your investments. Some of the trading apps offer automated trading. The best trading apps should have all of the features you need. For example, you should be able to open an account without having to provide a PAN card. You should also have a choice of multiple investment buckets and commission rates.

You should also be able to open an account without having a back office app. This is helpful if you want to access your account from more than one computer. Some of the apps also allow you to use a virtual trading simulator. You can also place orders and keep track of live market data with these apps.


It is important to check that your mobile operating system is compatible with the trading apps you are using. You should also double check that the apps support the definite indicators you use. In addition to trading fees, Bybit also charges a funding fee. This fee is similar to paying interest when you trade on margin. It helps ensure that the last traded price is tied to the global spot price. Bybit has rules governing these fees, which include holding positions for a certain amount of time. It also requires that you pay the funding fee when the funding rate is positive or negative.

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