What Are the Best Casino Online Bonuses and Promotions in Vietnam?

Solarbet is one of the reputable betting platforms in Vietnam and probably in the whole Asian region. The site is known for its juicy bonuses and promotions that are available for both amateur and seasoned bettors.

To maximize your casino and sports gaming on the site, you have to be familiar with the varying bonuses and promotions on the site. 

Solarbet casino online promotion

Stop Top Revenue – Get Vietnam Team Shirt Immediately

One of the exciting promotions in Solarbet is the Stop Top Revenue Promotion. The promotion is available to all of the players as long as they have a betting account on the casino online site. You can win for up to 8,888,888 VND once you get a total revenue of 400 million VND.

5% Cashback at All Casino

The next popular offer on the real money betting site is their 5% cashback to the players in any casino game. You will get a cashback for up to 880,000 VND once you wager 3x your bet. The promotion is open to all of the players that already registered for an account on the site.

Fishing General – Win Thousands of Principles

Fishing games are one of the entertaining and profitable games that are being offered by Solarbet. Once you accumulate a total revenue of 3,000,000 VND, you can win up to 30,000 VND. One of the advantages of this promotion is that the bonus is being offered every day and once you are qualified for this promotion, the winnings will be automatically credited to your account. 

Solarbet casino online bonuses

Fish Welcome Bonus 120% Up To 3,800,000 VND!!!

If you are a fan of fish shooting games, you can avail yourself of all of the bonuses that are related to the game. To receive a reward of 120% up to 3,800,000 VND, you need to place a stake of 20x your wager.

Refer Friends – Get More Fun Bonus!!!

While other online casinos are also offering referral bonuses, the Refer a Friend bonus of Solarbet is known for its lucrative payouts. Under the casino online bonus, you can win up to 200,000 VND when you refer a friend to register an account on the site. 

Limited time offer in Solarbet casino online

Mid-Autumn Festival Union – Play Winning Play

This promotion is being offered to all of the players that are registered on the site. Under the promotion, players can win up to 2,000,000 VND following the Mid-Autumn Festival. The promotional period for this offer will last from September 1, 2022, to September 30, 2022.

COVID-19 Vaccine – Get Huge Bonus Now!!

Another generous offer by Solarbet is their COVID-19 Promo. Players can receive up to 300,000 VND if they can provide proof that they have been administered a Covid-19 vaccine and booster shots. The reward will automatically arrive on the casino online account of the player within 24 hours after confirmation was completed. 

VIP Stay Better – Get 9,999,999 VND Extra Monthly

If you are already an established member of Solarbet, you can avail of their VIP Stay Better promotion. Players can win for up to 9,999,999 VND once they stake a deposit of 300,000,000 VND. Players can only claim their bonus within the promotion period. 


Solarbet is a reputable casino online that is based in Asia that offers a catalog of decent promotions and bonuses. The site is offering a variety of promotions that apply to all types of bettors. Avail now at least one of the bonuses that we mentioned above to boost your chances of winning.

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