Steps To Take After A Lyft Accident

Thousands of people are injured every year in Lyft accidents. Whether you are a driver or passenger,  you need a legal team to assist you and fight for your compensation. A Huntington Beach personal injury lawyer is an expert who will work with you to maximize your recovery while going after the responsible party. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary steps after the Lyft accident, as mentioned below.

Steps to take after a Lyft accident

Lyft accidents are much more complicated than any other personal injury case because many different insurance carriers and policies are involved depending on the number of people affected. If you want the best results, you must act quickly and gather all information to get the maximum compensation or settlement. Follow the steps if you are involved in a Lyft accident.

  • Reach a safer place

Accidents often occur in the middle of highways or roads; therefore, your first concern is to get to a safe place where you can protect yourself from further harm. If you cannot move, reach out for help and call 911 and explain to them that you are not in a safe location.

  • Seek medical help

Even if you are not injured or have minor scratches and pain at the accident scene, you still should seek medical care. The symptoms often occur after a few days after the accident occurred. Your pre-existing symptoms may also worsen after a few days. Visit a doctor, and they will diagnose if there is an underlying issue caused due to accident. 

  • Call 911

You should notify the local authorities to file a police report. If you or someone else is injured in the accident, make sure the dispatch sends an ambulance. The sooner the medical checkup, the less the consequences will be.

  • Collect evidence

If you are able to collect evidence at the accident scene, make sure you take every piece of evidence available. Take photographs of your injuries, the person involved in the accident, vehicle damage, skid marks on the roadway, etc. You can take videos when any witness gives a statement about the accident.

  • Hire an attorney

Consult your attorney and make them involved as soon as possible. If you try to make negotiations alone, it will create problems in your case. Saying anything wrong can become highly detrimental to your lawsuit. If you negotiate independently, you may not include future medical expenses or lost wages, which will ultimately not cover your long-term expenses.

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