How to Change Your IP Address

Everyone wants to be safer online, but it can be hard to do if you feel like your IP address is a bright red flag following you everywhere you go.  If you want to change your IP address, here’s everything you need to know about how to do it: and why many turn to this.

What is an IP Address?

IP addresses are the unique contact points that allow devices to connect to the internet.  Any device that can get online can be found through an IP address lookup on the device, so it’s vital that you get familiar with their settings.  If you feel like your information has gotten out, or you recently clicked a risky link, and you think someone is tracking your online activity: it might be a good idea to change your IP address.

How Do I Change My IP Address on a Mac?

If you’re on a Mac, this can be extremely simple.  You’ll have to go to your system preferences, click network, and then select whatever active network you want from the sidebar.  Keep note of what your current IP address is so you can change it accordingly.  Click the Advanced button, and then select TCP/IP.  Next, select manually from the menu labeled Configure IPv4.  Select OK, and then Apply!

How Do I Change My IP Address on Windows?

On a Windows computer, it can be a little more complicated.  Open the Network and Sharing Center through your control panel.  From here, click on the Connections link, and then on the properties tab, that window opens.  Click Internet Protocol Version 4, and then select Use the Following IP Address, and fill in the address you want.  Select Use the Following DNS Server, and enter the address you want there as well.  Check the settings exit box, and select OK.  Your PC will automatically run the network diagnostics and make sure you’re still connected.

Does a VPN Do This?

A VPN does change your IP address!  Depending on the service you pay for, a VPN can change your IP to say that you’re either in a different city or a different continent altogether.  This can protect you if you don’t want people knowing where you’re at and can ensure websites don’t track you between visits.

Most VPNs use dynamic IP addresses that change extremely often, so even if someone starts to track this one, it will quickly change, and you’ll just have to change it again.

How Can I Protect Myself?

If you want to protect yourself beyond changing your IP address or getting a VPN, it’s important to make behavioral changes.  Some of the biggest changes are things like avoiding clicking links, opening attachments, or visiting unfamiliar websites if you don’t know the source.  There are lots of scams, ads, and tricks online to try and get you to click their links: this is a skill they’ve been honing for over 30 years.  Be careful.

Your Internet Privacy Deserves to be Protected

Whether you’re trying to protect your work and financial information, or you simply don’t want to get hacked while gaming: it’s important to be safe online.  Take the time to look at your current security, and make the changes necessary to set yourself up for success.

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