Do You Need Fly Screens for Your Home or Office?

For most homes and businesses, flies and insects can always be a great nuisance. These insects and flies are not only quite harmful and unsanitary, but also, they are unpleasant to be around. However, most companies as well as homeowners are not in a position to take the necessary protection to keep these unwanted guests away from their premises and consumers.

Premier Screens Ltd, a certain UK-based company has come out with a very useful solution for that which is called fly screens. These are high-quality, custom-built screens, which are quite suitable for businesses and homes.

If you are running any of the following businesses then these fly screens will be very useful for you.

  • The food industry

The food business is one of the important businesses that need fly screens the most for their windows and doors.

Any company that is involved in the food business is required by law to take proactive measures for keeping flies and other insects out of their business premises. This is very crucial since the food sector will depend on proper hygiene to succeed.

  • Educational institutions

During the summer months, schools, colleges, and universities may often remain open. As excessive heat in the classroom can hinder study, many educational institutions prefer to keep the doors and windows open.

Most young people may develop sensitivity to bug stings and bites. Hence maintaining a comfortable environment inside the classroom may not always be possible.

  • Residential facilities

People who prefer to live in retirement communities or some other residential facilities may often have to be kept within a facility that must be as safe as possible. That is because people at this age may often suffer from many different kinds of health issues.

However, due to the presence of various insects and flies often this can make a far more unpleasant environment.

  • Healthcare industry

In a medical facility, hygiene is crucial. Places like offices of a doctor, hospitals, and various other healthcare facilities must be as clean as possible.

Therefore, these places need frequent cleaning, and also must be made in such a manner that it can reduce the chances that they will ever remain unclean.

  • Offices

The UK’s weather is quite warm during summer and millions of people around the country experience hotter and uncomfortable temperatures in this season.

Due to this reason, people who work in various offices have a challenging and miserable summer.

  • Homes

In summer, most schools and colleges are closed when children will remain home. Therefore, it is essential that they may be kept protected from flies and insects.

Also, homes need more ventilation during summer months however, keeping the windows and doors will not only invite insects and flies but also burglars or some unauthorised intruders.


Fly screens are increasingly becoming an essential part to keep your business efficient and hygienic. These fly screens can benefit your business and help keep them clean and cool. Also, these screens are quite suitable for our homes and offices.

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