The Best Time to Fill Up Your Propane Tank for Winter

As the cold weather approaches, you may be preparing your home for the new season. You may be pulling out your sweaters and winter coats, digging out your seasonal decorations, and preparing the holidays. However, don’t overlook seasonal home maintenance, like making sure your propane tank is full.

If the cool weather is quickly approaching, you may be wondering about the best time to full up your propane tank for the winter and other maintenance tips to keep your fuel topped off throughout the season. With that in mind, consider the following:

Best Time to Fill Up

As the weather starts cooling down in the fall, you might notice that you are using the air conditioner less and less. Some days you may be able to open the windows. However, you are probably delaying turning your whole house heat on until the weather turns chilly and gets that distinctive bite.

But when during this time should you prepare and make sure that your propane tank is all topped up for winter? One good method to consider is checking the levels on your tank throughout the fall season. As you notice the levels dropping, keep an eye on when the level drops below halfway. Now is the time to get your propane delivery. Fill up your tank, and you will be ready for the chilly days ahead.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

If you haven’t used your propane throughout the summer, it cannot hurt to have your tanks inspected before the winter season. A technician can check on your tanks and all the connectors to make sure everything is in good shape, and there is no need for maintenance.

Along with having your fuel supply delivered, getting a maintenance check on your tanks and connections will ensure that your heating setup is ready to go for the winter as you will rely on your heating more as the weather gets colder.

Maintain Propane Tanks Throughout the Winter

As you get further into the winter, be sure to maintain your propane tanks as the weather brings snow and ice. If you are expecting a big winter storm, be sure to check your fuel levels, and get another delivery to top off your tank if needed.

Also be sure that your tank is visible and easy to access in snow if you do need an emergency fill up after a storm or maintenance throughout the snowy season. Be sure to clear the snow and ice from your tank and all components as needed to prevent any possible damage that could cause a leak. An additional step to take would be checking all propane appliance vents to ensure sufficient ventilation.

Filling up your propane tank is an important part of preparing for the winter season. Be sure you fill your tank and also maintain your tanks and all maintenance. Keeping up with propane delivery and maintenance will ensure that you are prepared when the weather gets cold.

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