How to Make Online Bill Payment Easy and Hassle-Free

Ever since the evolution of the internet, followed by smartphones, life has become much easier. It is a well-known fact that if you have an internet-enabled smartphone in your hand, you can do almost anything you want. From online electricity bill payment to your mobile recharge, everything is just a tap away.

Gone are the days when people used to physically travel to a nearby shop to recharge their broadband or mobile or even go to an official government site to pay property tax. Instead, the digital era has completely transformed the scenario.  

We all know that the Indian government is on a ‘Digital India’ mission to transform the country into a digitally empowered society. Without any doubt, several measures to promote digital payments in the country have encouraged most of the population to adapt. 

What is online payment?

One of the top alternatives to cash payments, an electronic way of transferring funds, is known as an online payment. In our country, one can access various electronic payment methods based on the requirements. One needs a bank account and an internet-enabled device to leverage online payment and pay for various services and products. Even services such as property tax online payment can be easily done.

What are the benefits of online payment? 

  • Avoid unnecessary hassle

When you opt for online bill payments, you are opting for comfort. Do you want to step out in the harsh weather to recharge your smartphone? I still remember when I first made my airtel bill payment online. It just takes all the stress away. Online payments have ensured that people don’t have to waste their energy, money, or fuel to travel to a nearby shop.

  • Safe and secure payments

Along with all its pros, there are several cons of online bill payment, such as financial fraud or scams. As I told you, it’s better to use a genuine application, and it is essential to avoid clicking on unnecessary links you receive. 


  • Cashback and Rewards

You might get exciting prizes, such as coupon codes, cashback etc., every time you do a transaction online. There’s no benefit nowadays in cash payments for anything. You might get a good amount of cashback for even making an online electricity bill payment.

How to make it easy and hassle-free?

Here, it’s better if I share my personal experience. Please don’t consider it a promotional write-up as for a better understanding of all the readers, I’ll share how I make online payments and which app I use. 

Now, all readers currently reading this might have more than one application for digital payments on their smartphone. Of course, we all have been in this situation. But recently, when I was planning to make my first credit card bill payment, one of my friends told me about the Bajaj Finserv application. 

Trust me, since I downloaded this application, I’ve deleted all the other applications. It is like a single go-to platform for all your digital payment needs. Just simply download it from the App Store or Play Store. Sign up with your personal information, and you are good to go. 

So, in my opinion, to make digital payments hassle-free, it is best to use a single application only instead of using various apps for various payments. 

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