Complications and side effects after breast augmentation surgery

Any young woman who has ever neglected that her mother gave her breasts less. No worries. Because the technology of breast augmentation เสริมหน้าอก  is very advanced. After sleeping for a few hours, I woke up with beautiful breasts! Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that can be done by inserting a silicone bag into the area under the breasts. The result is larger breast size. The shape of the chest is beautiful and looks better, resulting in girls with small breasts. Increased confidence in shape

What are the side effects after having breast surgery?

current breast augmentation It is intended for beauty. or as a breast surgery after breast surgery in breast cancer patients who want to increase their self-confidence in the chest In some cases, there may be a high risk of harm, such as infection. complications Postoperative recovery that can make life difficult

Who should be especially careful? When to undergo breast surgery?

– People with autoimmune disease (Lupus) or a weakened immune system

– The body has a condition that affects the wound healing process. or the process of stopping the blood of the body

– require chemotherapy or or radiation therapy after breast augmentation

– have depression or mental health disorders, such as always thinking that he was deformed have depression, anxiety

Complications and side effects after breast augmentation surgery

After having breast surgery, ladies must be aware of complications that may require treatment or additional surgery as follows:

– Be careful of the accumulation of blood around the surgical wound. until the wound becomes swollen and painful These symptoms usually occur shortly after surgery. Or it can happen if the breast is injured. which must be treated by intubation

– In some cases the doctor may cause damage to breast tissue or silicone and cause infection. Inflammation, irritation, pain, swelling, redness may be severe to the point of fever. and the body does not respond to antibiotic treatment. Until eventually, the silicone implants may be required to remove the breast augmentation.

– The skin around the chest may turn red. due to bruising due to bleeding during surgery

– feeling in the nipple area or breast reduction This type of symptoms may be temporary or permanent. This can affect sexual response as well.

– If doing surgery with a doctor who is not skilled May cause the breast size, shape, odd or at the same level. which will have to open the surgical wound again to change the position of the silicone

– Some people have breast augmentation that is too big. The size does not fit the body and breasts. May cause the skin in that area to become thin and wrinkled. In some cases, waves of silicone bags may be seen from the outside.

– A fascia is formed around the silicone, making the chest hard and feeling tight.

but at present The silicone used for breast augmentation It is considered a very safe version. does not cause cancer does not make the body immune to itself It has no effect on the unborn child. and has no effect on breastfeeding, however Breast augmentation also has the potential to cause complications within our body, so before breast augmentation Must do a thorough study, read reviews, ask from experienced people, and most importantly, should be done with a plastic surgeon who is confident in the standards. confident in craftsmanship and have morals

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